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Thursday, February 12, 2015


It feels so good to be back! Weehooo~

Life's been treating me well so far. Been busy here and there. And suddenly i feel like blogging. It would be great to be back on track but i'm not sure how often will i be able to do this. I don't really get the time to sit & think nowadays. I will just do whatever needs to be done. Gosh... I need to use more of my brain. Before it gets rotten! Lol~

I've been blogwalking to some familiar & regular blogs which I used to read & follow few years back. Life has changed so much since then. Mine as well. Teeheee~ Oh well.. Life goes on they say.

The end.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

You Could Have Been Wiser

I didn't ask for much, just for you to be wiser.

Being someone who is more experienced than me, I put high expectations on you to act wiser. But you burderned people with your stupidity.

Pardon me.

First of all, how - out of all the sudden, you gave a major task to someone who is not present during the meeting? Obviously, that person has e-mailed you to inform that she will not be able to attend the meeting since she is on leave. And even left a note to contact her for anything related to her before making any decision in the meeting. As a wise person, I ASSUME you should have just gave the task to someone who is present during the meeting and know how to run the task. What more to say when there are people who forwarded you information on how to run the task which means that he has already done some research on the task given? But why would you give that task to someone who has never done the task and MOST importantly, wasn't present during the meeting??

I can't imagine your level of stupidity. Beyond comparison!

All I know is that you only talk a lot. Waiting for instructions to be given before doing any task. Maybe you were in the army before. Every step is done after an instruction was given.


Just because I've done some improvement in the workplace doesn't mean that I know how to handle this. I did that because not a single soul care to even keep the place tidy. Our workplace has been the same since 1986. Okay, exaggerating. So, I took the initiative to do some improvements, change the settings a lil bit. I didn't see you being impressed by what I've done. I didn't receive any support from the so-called-leader. I only receive comments from a few kind-hearted and concern colleagues. The rest and the gang? Just walk as if there is nothing happen. That even if there's shit on the floor and they stepped on it, they just just walk on with their ego. So, how on earth could you give a task to me when no one sees the improvement done?

Dammit la!

I know I am good at handling this, so thanks for the trust given. I will do my best, show you that I am capable of doing this and not just TALK BIG. Anger has given me the strength to prove that I can do better.

You wait aaa! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May photo a day by FATMUMSLIM

This has been an interesting challenge to follow if you are an avid self-proclaimed photographer like me. Ahaa... I take a lot of photos which in the end I don't know what to do with it - to delete or to save? If to save, where to keep? First world problem exist here.

I've been following this challenge a few times but always turn out fail to finish up the challenge. But this time around, I promise myself to try my best to finish it up. With reminders from my friends on Instagram as well, I hope to be able to at least post daily photos for this challenge.

How to play?

You may refer to this link:

As for me, I print it on my office desktop as a daily reminder - except for weekends & public holidays when I don't come to office.
Ain't that a good reminder for me? ;)

Let's try this!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Best Friend's Wedding

*a delayed entry*

If only I have time to blog everyday, I'd rater sit in front of my PC and blog blog blog. But na-ah! I don't really have time for that despite busy working.

Nothings new so far but I've been through some unexpected phases in my life which I feel has made me a grown-up, I suppose!

Spent a week in KK for my best friend's wedding during the weekend and I can say that I had great fun. I always love it when I'm in KK because it made me feel close to the people I regard as my own family. People who treat me as if I am a part of them and made me feel comfortable. I just love being in KK! Nuff said.

Angel comes from a very jolly and 'happening' kind of family. They sing songs and dance during a family gathering. They are very close to each other so when it comes to gatherings like this, everyone will come together, be happy, laugh, sing, dance and all those happy thing you could think of. I don't feel like a stranger at all when I am with her and her family. I feel home. Like the Malay sayings, 'buat macam rumah sendiri', that's how I will be when I am at Angel's place. They don't need to serve me water, I will go get it myself in the kitchen. Lol! Tidak malu kan...

Bruno's family, on the other hand, is not that stranger at all. I've known their family after a few family gatherings I used to join once upon a time. That was yesterday's stories so I'll just let it slip away ya! Bruno's parents is a very friendly couple. His aunts are also all very kind hearted people, those kind of people whom I will hug dearly whenever I see them. His siblings are also very friendly and one is extremely funny! Drunk or undrunk. Haha!

And that's my story of both sides of the family. 

So, finally the best friend is married! Congratulations Angelina & Bruno! I wish you both all the happiness in the world and may you live happily ever after! Be best friends to each other, love each other dearly, read a lot of love stories, but don't just dream of it - live it! I suggest romantic books - to enhance the love life. Lol! :P And make Aunty Kate happy with lotsa kids ya! I wanna see some coming up soon. Work hard okay!!! :P

Though she's married, she's still my best friend! Know what we did on the night she's married to Bruno? We wash each other's hair. Haha! Too funny to not laugh at it!
Ok, that's Angel washing my hair after I washed hers. Girls just wanna have fun, no?
And that's the newly weds at their wedding reception at KDCA. We (or was it only me?) had fun dancing and meeting friends. You need not to invite me, I will be on the dance floor dancing the traditional dance - Sumazau (ka Sumayau?), Oppa Gangnam Style (since it is the 'in' thing at the moment), the evergreen Poco-poco dance, and a new dance step I learnt during this special wedding - Jamilah! I even teach my students to dance it after I got back from Sabah! :P

It was all fun attending a wedding. But, this, I gotta tell you, my biggest shame. I accidentally cried at Angel's wedding reception while hugging my ex-housemates, Canne & Fili before they went off. *malu* I felt so sad at that very moment coz it has been a while since we last spent time together. Nah... too sensitive me! I'm happy too that both have been happily married to the man they love and now is expecting a baby! I'm very happy for them!

Well, it's not like I won't be seeing them anymore. KK is not that far though and now that I'm working, I should be able to fly there anytime, no? :) I can't wait to see them again.

Angel, Irene, Junior, Aunty & Uncle, thanks for the invite and all the happy moments I am allowed to share with Angel. Thanks for everything!

That's all :')

I love u pare'!

Go Green Campaign

About a month ago, I was so busy running a Go Green Campaign in my institution. It took 3 days to finish the programme which started of with exhibition, performances, handicraft competition and the closing ceremony. The main highlight of the programme was the collection of recycle items from departments and units. I don't know if I had enough support or not. If anyone was against it or not. But for sure, it did left some impact on the students.

I got my club students to run the programme together with a bunch of helpful colleagues. They were very supportive. Glad to announce that the programme went well. *big smile*

It was actually an exhibition with some 'santai' activities at night at the cafe. Since my superior kept on using the term 'santai', so to professionally counter-attack that expression, I use that term in my programme. *clap clap clap* We had some performances by students, singing songs related to the environment and a surprise magic performance by one of my cute club member. He approached me and asked if he could show his magic but he was also too afraid that it will not turn out as what he'd expected. I told him not to worry, even if it doesn't turn out well, we will just all laugh  at it together! That's the purpose - to be happy and have fun while spreading awareness about the importance of preserving the environment. He went up the stage and managed to get the crowd excited. It was spontaneous, so there was a lot of laughter. I am still so happy up till today!

The next day, my colleague Miss Woo and I went round our institution to bring Mr Recycle to collect recycle items from every departments and units. The money collected will be donated to the needy. Still haven't decided on that. Hmm.. So, after collecting tons of recycled papers, we managed to fill up the lorry with all recycle stuffs. Women's power!

That's a lot right? I know... The huge cargo lorry was almost full!

It feels good doing good deeds. Ignore those who try to bring you down and be kind to others. I'm sure everyone learn a lot when they are kind to each other and humble in doing things.

I can say that I am satisfied with this semester's programme. I hope to do better next semester with the new batch of club members. Oh, FYI, these club members are from Semester 2 students. They have to choose to join either once club or game or uniform body to fulfill their credit hours.

Till then!